Track Title: Fish Licence + Eric the Half a Bee

Artist: Monty Python

Album: Monty Python's Previous Record

Anonymous asked: "Hey! D'you know where I could find a gif/clip of the "Goooodnight da-ding-ding-ding *rings bell*" scene from the interview sketch? I feel like this would be a necessary and useful thing. Thanks!"

Hello! Theseposts are what I was able to find on a quick search. There’s probably more out there though…



Pythons “Rehearsal”

Reblogging this again. I also would like the video to this, please :-)

I’m reblogging this because I’m inserting a link to the video (this video also includes a backstage interview with Martin Freeman!)

Pythons “Rehearsal”

Monty Python Live (mostly) — July 20, 2014


Was very fortunate to be at the last night of the Pythons - did my best not to cry but might have cried…quite a lot…

It was a great show, and this was my third time watching this show at the O2 so got to see what was different each night. John had never nicked Terry J’s cue cards off him before! Eric’s ‘stache managed to stay on the other two nights but not tonight! Terry managed to remember his lines during the ‘What’s on TV’ sketch and Palin lost it again during ‘Dead Parrot’, which was of course completely different to how it was the other two nights!

There were some really touching moments as well, they all seemed to get that this was quite a big deal and there was a lovely couple of moments with Eric, as the ‘wink wink nudge nudge’ set was being pulled off stage he laughed and shook Terry J’s hand, and as the ‘Science Today’ set was being taken off Eric lost it and Cleese gave him the most adorable, warmest grin. And John and Michael mentioning Graham during ‘Dead Parrot’ was wonderful.

It was such a fantastic evening, and to think what must have been going through their heads as they walked off after some of those sketches, Eric knowing that this would be the last time he would ever perform ‘Nudge nudge’ (hence the emotional handshake I think), or Palin walking off after doing his last ever ‘Spanish Inquisition’ and Cleese and Palin finally performing their last ever ‘Argument Clinic’, ‘Dead Parrot’ or ‘Cheese Shop’…must be crazy for them.

So yes, I did cry, but it was a very emotional evening. Thank you so much Michael, Terry G, John, Terry J, Eric and Graham for all the laughs, it was wonderful!